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Nitta Gelatin India Ltd.: Experts' corner
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Management speaks
G Suseelan
G Suseelan
Managing Director
Nitta Gelatin India Ltd.
April 21, 2010, 2:47 pm
Why should an investor buy your company's stock?

Promoted by Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. in collaboration with Nitta Gelatin Inc., Japan, we are a leading global manufacturer of Gelatin, Ossein, Di Calcium Phosphate and Collagen Peptide. Over 30 years, we have been able to meet the expectations of our shareholders and have added value to their investment. We are committed to continue this.

What events do you expect in your industry sector over the next few months? Are these hurdles or catalysts?

We expect a growing demand for edible gelatin in India and across the world

What growth initiatives has your company planned?

We are increasing our gelatin manufacturing capacity to 4000MT per annum. We will increase our presence both in Indian and overseas markets. We have commenced export and domestic sale of Collagen Peptide, a functional food ingredient.

Who is your competition? What differentiates you from them?

Gelatin manufacturers are our competitors. We provide unmatched, superior international quality products to our customers. This is the key differentiator.

How do you see your company performing over the next financial year?

We are on an internal mission to increase our yield while reducing our costs. This will have a positive reflection on our balance sheet in the coming years.