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Expert Voices - 2 min(s) ago India has mobilised all resources to help Nepal: Parrikar
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Deepanshu Mittal - 2 min(s) ago Chchchchc... No taker of your message.. why you people are so frustrated yaar.. stop think read more
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Rakesh - 6 min(s) ago I hav a crush on a gal. I sent her a friend request also but she didn't accept it. What should I do pls help
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Soumyen-Sarkar - 10 min(s) ago Get to hear lot of speeches on having simplicity, shedding ego ,uncomplicated nature of thinking etc. But, are those, who preach such things, really qualified to advise like that? Don't many of those think, they are important but at the same time , they undermine others in order to prove their own importance? ?
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soumyen sarkar - 31 minutes ago  helped the whole august house. The BJP leadership also requested the CPIM gen secy to consider the united call. I think, this is the right spirit for running a government or any organization. Liberal and firm. In the natural dynamics of applied politics, there will be new friends and new enemies. So one's vision should be set on the policies and program in stead of individuals. An informed
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soumyen sarkar - 18 minutes ago  is the biggest asset of any country for which the Government is formed. Except for finer details and nitti-gritties , the people should know as much as the people in government know. If the advisory board can have people of opposite views, why general people will be kept in dark about their opinions. It is done basically to see people are not turned against the political dispensation in power.
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soumyen sarkar - 9 minutes ago  And in order to subvert the voice of the opposing people, the propaganda machine of the party in power operate with the resources that the Government can offer directly or through influence. And the propaganda people are not so much sensible as the top rung leadership. They hurl nasty accusations, spread canards, issue veiled threats through dubious people.
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Rajeev Krsih - 13 min(s) ago If you want gain money by fixed 30 % assrued returns for limited beneficial shares click here Without any payment
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25 April 2015, 22:05
Over 100 Gujarati tourists feared stranded in quake-hit Nepal - 2 min(s) ago
India has mobilised all resources to help Nepal: Parrikar - 2 min(s) ago
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10 climbers dead in quake-triggered avalanche on Mt Everest - 29 min(s) ago
Calling Nepal BSNL cuts rate Airtel offers free service for next 2 days - 3 min(s) ago
This Stephanian matter - 3 min(s) ago
Sales slump forces Pepsi to drop artificial sweetner in drink - 3 min(s) ago
IAF Aircraft Evacuates Indians From Quake-Hit Nepal - 3 min(s) ago
Jung, Kejriwal examine Delhis preparedness post-quake - 4 min(s) ago
Telcos slash call rates to Nepal - 20 min(s) ago