Hindustan Zinc Gets Renewable Power from Serentica

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By Rediff Money Desk, New Delhi   Jul 11, 2024 17:26

Hindustan Zinc has started receiving renewable energy from Serentica Renewables' 180 MW solar project, reducing its carbon footprint and increasing its sustainable energy mix.
Hindustan Zinc Gets Renewable Power from Serentica
New Delhi, Jul 11 (PTI) Vedanta group firm Hindustan Zinc on Thursday said it has started receiving power supply from Serentica Renewables.

The renewable energy is being used for Hindustan Zinc's operational business units in Rajasthan.

"On Global Energy Independence Day, Hindustan Zinc... announced the commencement of the first phase of renewable energy integration from Serentica Renewables," the Vedanta group firm said in a statement.

Hindustan Zinc said it has entered into an agreement with Serentica for the supply of 450 MW power round-the-clock.

While Hindustan Zinc has existing captive solar power capacity of 40.70 MW of solar power and depends on conventional fuel sources for the rest of its power requirement, this renewable power from Serentica will increase the quantum of renewables in the company's overall energy mix, as per the statement.

This marks a significant milestone in its ongoing commitment to sustainability and clean energy integration, the statement said, adding that this initiative aims to annually reduce about 0.45 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.

"This project will not only reduce our dependency on conventional fuels and minimise our total environmental footprint but also aid our transformation towards decarbonizing our operations, paving the way for a fully sustainable future," Hindustan Zinc CEO Arun Misra said.

Hindustan Zinc Ltd is the world's second-largest integrated zinc producer and the third-largest silver producer.
Source: PTI
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