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BSE Groupwise listed companies
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Starlite Components Ltd. 517548 Z
Steelco Gujarat Ltd. 500399 Z
Sterling Biotech Ltd. 512299 Z
Sterling International Enterprises Ltd. 508998 Z
Sterling Powergensys Ltd. 513575 Z
STI India Ltd. 513151 Z
Stone India Ltd. 522085 Z
Stratmont Industries Ltd. 530495 Z
Subway Finance & Investment Co. Ltd. 511024 Z
Suman Motels Ltd. 523295 Z
Sun Source (India) Ltd. 517403 Z
Sunraj Diamond Exports Ltd. 523425 Z
Sunstar Realty Development Ltd. 535141 Z
Super Domestic Machines Ltd. 531699 Z
Supreme Infrastructure India Ltd. 532904 Z
Suraj Products Ltd. 518075 Z
Surana Corporation Ltd. 531102 Z
Surana Industries Ltd. 513597 Z
Surya Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 532516 Z
Suryachakra Power Corporation Ltd. 532874 Z
Suryajyoti Spinning Mills Ltd. 521022 Z
SVC Resources Ltd. 512449 Z
SVOGL Oil Gas and Energy Ltd. 522175 Z
Syncom Healthcare Ltd. 533157 Z
Systematix Securities Ltd. 531432 Z
Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Ltd. 533200 Z
Talwalkars Healthclubs Ltd. 541545 Z
Tamil Nadu Jaibharat Mills Ltd. 521038 Z
Tantia Constructions Ltd. 532738 Z
Tara Jewels Ltd. 534756 Z
Techno Forge Ltd. 522142 Z
Technofab Engineering Ltd. 533216 Z
Techtran Polylenses Ltd. 523455 Z
Teesta Agro Industries Ltd. 524204 Z
Tej Infoways Ltd. 538793 Z
The Sirpur Paper Mills Ltd. 502455 Z
Thiru Arooran Sugars Ltd. 507450 Z
Timbor Home Ltd. 533444 Z
Tirupati Industries (India) Ltd. 531547 Z
Tirupati Inks Ltd. 533258 Z
Todays Writing Instruments Ltd. 531830 Z
Total Hospitality Ltd. 523878 Z
Trade Wings Ltd. 509953 Z
Trend Electronics Ltd. 517228 Z
Trident Tools Ltd. 531972 Z
Trinity Tradelink Ltd. 512417 Z
TSL Industries Ltd. 531659 Z
Tulip Star Hotels Ltd. 531088 Z
Tulsi Extrusions Ltd. 532948 Z
Tulsyan NEC Ltd. 513629 Z
Tutis Technologies Ltd. 532311 Z
Twilight Litaka Pharma Ltd. 506985 Z
Twinstar Industries Ltd. 531917 Z
U P Hotels Ltd. 509960 Z
UB Engineering Ltd. 509992 Z
Unimers India Ltd. 524264 Z
Unimin India Ltd. 530321 Z
Uniply Decor Ltd. 526957 Z
Uniply Industries Ltd. 532646 Z
Unipro Technologies Ltd. 540189 Z
Unitech Ltd. 507878 Z
Unity Infraprojects Ltd. 532746 Z
Universal Credit & Securities Ltd. 531963 Z
Valecha Engineering Ltd. 532389 Z
Vallabh Poly-Plast International Ltd. 530403 Z
Value Industries Ltd. 500945 Z
Vax Housing Finance Corporation Ltd. 531650 Z
VBC Industries Ltd. 524310 Z
Venmax Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 531015 Z
Veronica Production Ltd. 531695 Z
Victoria Enterprises Ltd. 506103 Z
Videocon Industries Ltd. 511389 Z
Vijay Shanthi Builders Ltd. 523724 Z
Virgo Global Ltd. 532354 Z
Vishvas Projects Ltd. 511276 Z
Voltaire Leasing & Finance Ltd. 509038 Z
Winsome Diamonds and Jewellery Ltd. 507892 Z
Winsome Yarns Ltd. 514348 Z
Wisec Global Ltd. 511642 Z
XL Energy Ltd. 532788 Z
Zenith Capitals Ltd. 508900 Z
Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd. 531404 Z
Zylog Systems Ltd. 532883 Z
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