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Listed companies
Gravita India Ltd. 533282 B
Gravity (India) Ltd. 532015 XT
Great Eastern Shipping Company Ltd. 500620 A
Greaves Cotton Ltd. 501455 A
Greencrest Financial Services Ltd. 531737 X
Greenearth Resources and Projects Ltd. 533016 T
Greenlam Industries Ltd. 538979 B
Greenpanel Industries Ltd. 542857 B
Greenply Industries Ltd. 526797 B
Greycells Education Ltd. 508918 X
Grindwell Norton Ltd. 506076 A
GRM Overseas Ltd. 531449 XT
Grovy India Ltd. 539522 XT
GRP Ltd. 509152 B
GRUH Finance Ltd. 511288 A
GSB Finance Ltd. 511543 X
GSL Nova Petrochemicals Ltd. 530605 Z
GSL Securities Ltd. 530469 X
GSS Infotech Ltd. 532951 B
GTL Infrastructure Ltd. 532775 B
GTL Ltd. 500160 B
GTN Industries Ltd. 500170 B
GTN Textiles Ltd. 532744 B
GTPL Hathway Ltd. 540602 B
GTV Engineering Ltd. 539479 X
Gufic BioSciences Ltd. 509079 B
Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd. 530001 A
Gujarat Ambuja Exports Ltd. 524226 B
Gujarat Apollo Industries Ltd. 522217 B
Gujarat Borosil Ltd. 523768 X
Gujarat Carbon & Industries Ltd. 506457 XT
Gujarat Containers Ltd. 513507 P
Gujarat Cotex Ltd. 514386 X
Gujarat Craft Industries Ltd. 526965 XT
Gujarat Credit Corporation Ltd. 511441 XT
Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd. 542812 B
Gujarat Foils Ltd. 531410 XT
Gujarat Gas Ltd. 539336 A
Gujarat Hotels Ltd. 507960 X
Gujarat Hy-Spin Ltd. 540938 M
Gujarat Industries Power Company Ltd. 517300 B
Gujarat Inject (Kerala) Ltd. 524238 B
Gujarat Intrux Ltd. 517372 X
Gujarat Investa Ltd. 531341 X
Gujarat Lease Financing Ltd. 500174 B
Gujarat Meditech Ltd. 524754 Z
Gujarat Metallic Coal & Coke Ltd. 531881 Z
Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Ltd. 532181 A
Gujarat Narmada Flyash Company Ltd. 526598 XT
Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. 500670 A
Gujarat Natural Resources Ltd. 513536 X
Gujarat NRE Coke Ltd. 512579 T
Gujarat Petrosynthese Ltd. 506858 XT
Gujarat Pipavav Port Ltd. 533248 A
Gujarat Poly Electronics Ltd. 517288 X
Gujarat Raffia Industries Ltd. 523836 T
Gujarat Sidhee Cement Ltd. 518029 B
Gujarat State Fertilizer & Chemicals Ltd. 500690 A
Gujarat State Financial Corporation 532160 T
Gujarat State Petronet Ltd. 532702 A
Gujarat Terce Laboratories Ltd. 524314 X
Gujarat Themis Biosyn Ltd. 506879 X
Gujarat Toolroom Ltd. 513337 XT
Gujchem Distillers India Ltd. 506640 XT
Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd. 538567 A
Gulshan Polyols Ltd. 532457 B
Gupta Synthetics Ltd. 514116 Z
GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd. 532708 B
Gyan Developers & Builders Ltd. 530141 X
Gyscoal Alloys Ltd. 533275 T
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